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Tips for Maintaining Outdoor Business Signs

Once you’ve chosen the right outdoor signage for your business, the next step is to take good care of it. If you let it deteriorate and lose its visual appeal, it will have a negative effect on how people perceive your business. There are times when your signage will need to be repaired or replace, but most of the time you can keep it in good condition with some simple maintenance.

Taking Care of Electrical Signage

If you’ve outdoors signage which is electrical, you may not want to touch the product yourself. When dealing with electrical signs, it is best to call your signage company or a business that specialises in maintenance. If something has broken and needs replacing, get in touch with your sign shop (called ร้านป้าย in Thai) and ask for assistance. A damaged sign that hasn’t been repaired doesn’t look good outside your premises. A professional will come and look what is inside your signage, it tends to get dirty and damaged by all kinds of things, including:

  • Insects
  • Debris
  • Moisture
  • Animals

Compounds like standing water or dirt can easily shoot out your electricity and cause your sign to lose power.

Cover the Business Sign

One easy way to ensure longevity is to erect something to cover your sign. For example, if you have a coffee shop or restaurant or bar, why not install awnings to protect the outdoor signs from the elements. The sun, wind, and rain won’t be able to damage them if they are protected by a cover. Although it may seem like an expensive investment, it will protect your sign from damage, and it can lower energy consumption during the summer.

Replace Lights

Another thing to look out for when taking care of outdoor signage is lighting. If each letter isn’t well-lit, the sign won’t make any sense to potential customers, so make sure you change the light bulbs when needed.


Outdoor signs get a little grubby because of the environment, so make sure you get a damp cloth and clean around the areas that aren’t near any of the electrical components. It will make a huge difference to the signs appearance.

It is important to take good care of your outdoor business signs. They are there to promote and advertise your business, so keep them looking as good as possible. It is always better to keep an eye on the condition of your signage than to let them fall apart and pay for expensive replacements.