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How To Tackle Difficult Questions In Exam Like A Pro

It is a nerve-chilling nightmare to get stuck clueless in an examination and lose scores. We all deal with tough exam problems differently. However, there are some foolproof ways to overcome this problem. The following tips will help you solve problems faster and with greater ease.

What to do when you get stuck?

To get into top institutions like AIIMS, students need to clear many entrance tests, and they are bound to face many problems along the way. The best way to work your way out of a problem when you are stuck is by understanding the problem. Try to clearly gauge what is exactly expected from your end. It is okay if you have to read the question multiple times. Try to come up with a plan by assessing all you know regarding the answer. If it is a maths problem, then write down the equations and try to solve your answers from there. Try to guess the right process that can lead to the answer. Teachers usually give credit for partial knowledge. So if you at least sketch out the path to get the answer, the possibility of getting some marks for steps cannot be ruled out.

Should I check the answers before solving the tough questions?

Solving myriads of questions is what it takes while preparing for academic competitions like an olympiad. Checking the answers first is not a good idea as it takes away the mystery and the importance of the process. Solving tough questions is very important to gain confidence in a topic. Try to estimate the answers and devise a plan to actualize your goal. Look for the answers only at the end and check the road map if necessary in case your answer does not match the right answer.

How to handle multiple choice questions?

You can try getting estimated solutions before checking the options so that you can avoid choosing similar options. You can then rule out completely irrelevant options, options with grammatical errors, etc. Focus on the remaining choices that you have. You sometimes need to choose more than one right answer, then you should pay close attention to the similar-looking option. MCQs are usually more frequent making time management imperative while dealing with them. Try to avoid wasting all your time on one question. You can mark the questions that you are unsure of and come back to them later when you have time.

How to solve essay-type questions quickly?

Essay-type questions can be very time-consuming at times. Solving it, in the end, might help you be serious about your time constraint. However, this might work adversely at times. So, do what you find appropriate at the time. Essay-type questions demand good flow, rhythm, arguments, and logic in the answers. So,  to ace your test, you can try to delineate your ideas in a story-telling format as it grabs more attention. Try to map out your ideas beforehand, so that you don’t have to stop and ponder midway as that also affects the readability. Think of everything you know about the topic. You can brain dump all the facts and figures at the beginning. Later you can come up with all the possible arguments and counter-logics and finally think of a thoughtful conclusion.

There can be many tricks that you can use when stuck. If you want to know what suits you the best, try solving mock papers before the exams.