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Best Features of Armstrong Ceiling Tiles

One of the best ways to create a suspended ceiling is by using ceiling tiles. These tiles are easy to install, and they offer sound barriers and can improve insulation. You can replace individual tiles easily, and you can access ductwork, pipes, and electric wires above. They come in a variety of colours and styles, and they are easy to care for. Take a look at some of the features to look for when you are buying Armstrong ceiling tiles.

  1. Mould/Mildew Resistance

When you are buying ceiling tiles, you can get those that are mould and mildew-resistant. This type of ceiling tile is appropriate in climate-controlled interior spaces or in damp spaces such as the basement. There are different types of mould and mildew-resistant ceiling tiles. The first is treated to resist mould and mildew growth, while another type resists mould and mildew naturally due to the material type.

  1. Sag/Humidity Resistance

When you choose Armstrong ceilings that are sag and humidity-resistant, the panels will remain flat in areas that are prone to moisture. You will find some tiles that are standard, and they are designed for climate-controlled interior spaces, while other tiles are designed to stay flat in interior spaces that are not climate controlled. The latter also is made with a material type that naturally allows it to remain flat.

  1. Fire Resistance

No matter which Armstrong ceiling tiles you choose, they will meet residential fire code standards. However, some tiles are Class A, which means that they have a better flame spread rating. People use these tiles in areas that are near a heat source or electrical wiring.

  1. Sound Blocking/Absorption

Another important feature is the ability to block or absorb sound. Some ceiling tiles have a rating that measures the amount of noise that travels from another room. The panels with a higher rating block more sound. Most Armstrong ceiling products have a rating between 30 and 35, and 35 is considered high. You can also find ceiling tiles that absorb noise from within the room.

  1. Recycled Content

Some people want to find Armstrong ceilings that are made from recycled content. You can see the portion of materials used in a tile that is recycled. If you see one that is 95%, this means that 95% of the tile is made from materials that would have been thrown away, while 5% is made from new materials.