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New Student Studying Abroad: 3 Things You Must Do

Studying abroad offers many new and exciting experiences. No matter where you may be thinking of going, moving aboad for a semester or more can be a daunting task for many. Some may be going to study in a country where they speak a different language. For others, it may be their first time to be thousands of kilometres away from home. With everything going on it may be easy to overlook things but keeping a few things in mind can make your overall experience the best it can be.

Research where You Are Going

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming but a little research will go a long way. If you are staying on campus, look up where your university is located in town search for restuarants, parks, bars, or museums that you may want to check out. Others may be renting an apartment to live in while they attend classes. If you get to chose where you rent it is a smart idea to research the neighbourhoods around the school. When you arrive you may be able to show some of your fellow students around like a real local!

Pack Just the Essentials

Many make the mistake of overpacking when they are moving abroad. Of course it’s important to pack the essentials:

  • Passports; Important Documents
  • Medicines
  • Clothes
  • Electronics (Phone, Computer, Chargers, Adapters, etc.)

But many things can be bought when you arrive in at your new home. Toiletries, cleaning supplies, and school supplies are a few things that can be bought when you arrive. It’s also important to pack for the seasons that you’ll be living in. You won’t need to pack many winter coats if you plan to study internationally in Thailand (called เรียนอินเตอร์ในไทย in Thai).

If you are staying for a full year you may want to consider buying some additional clothes once you are settled into your new space. If renting, it might be wise to consider a furnished or partially furnished apartment so you avoid having to buy things you can’t travel with like cookware, bedding, and furniture.

Prepare for New Experiences

The most rewarding thing about studying abroad is seeing another culture first hand. You will be meeting and learning with people from different countries and backgrounds. You will eat and drink what the locals eat and drink. The best advice is to take in everything as much as you possibly can. The people you will meet while living abroad may open up new business opportunities in the future. This is a special opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted!