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Must-Follow Tips For Farmers To Take Care Of Their Crops

Farmers make lots of efforts to take care of their fields and crops. And he also spends money on required resources for kheti, but despite that, he does not get the good results he was expecting, and he has to face losses. Sometimes the crops are damaged because of various types of diseases. Plant or crop damage has become a common problem in the present time.

Farming is not easy to do, but the procedure is very straightforward. Anyone who is hardworking can do farming, but there are various reasons for plant damage;

  • Lack of efforts
  • Poor planning
  • Putting efforts at the wrong time
  • Bad irrigation
  • Poor soil
  • Climate changes

So, we can control all problems except climate change from the reasons mentioned above for plant damage. As we all know, climate change is uncertain and uncontrollable. But you can also prepare yourself for protecting your plants from climate damage if you follow organic farming.

So, if you are one of those farmers facing crop damage problems and not getting a solution, you should follow some of the essential tips to protect your crops from various diseases.

Following are some of the best and most effective tips a farmer should follow to take of their crops from the very beginning or first stage of farming;

Fulfil the basic needs of the crop –

Like humans and animals, plants also have some basic needs to survive. And all different types of plants and crops have similar basic needs, no matter if it is a small plant or a large number of products on the farms or fields. The primary farming requirements include sunlight, water, food (ideal soil), space between numerous crops to grow efficiently, and last and most crucial good care. So, always take off all these basic needs of your crops. Use loamy soil as it is considered good soil for irrigation which contains 45% of minerals, 5% organic compost, 25% of water, and 25% of air. Make sure you are watering the crops at the required time & they are getting the proper sunlight. Keep the appropriate space between them while planting the crops.

Always prefer quality over quantity –

Do not focus on the number of your crops on your farms. It is essential to prioritize quality over quantity, and it will help support sustainability. Growing crops in the vast farming area does not mean you will get more results or earn more. Using unproductive land for planting crops is also not a good decision. Ensure that you are using good quality solid and other required resources.

Follow the procedure step by step –

It is essential to follow the framing procedure step by step from beginning to final. And also, do not skip any step because every action contributes to the good results of farming. You can also view online agriculture videos to get more information about the whole farming process.

Use organic pesticides –

Always use organic pesticides to protect your crops from various diseases, pests, and diagnoses.

Use best farming technologies –

If you face difficulty at any farming stage, you can also use advanced farming technologies to reduce your burden. Some of the advanced technologies available today are as follows;

  • GPS devices
  • Variable-rate technology
  • Robots
  • temperature and moisture sensors
  • Harvesting tractors
  • Pesticide sprayer, etc.