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Enable Your Cleaning Teams to Reach New Heights

Whether your business is car parts or cream cakes, furniture, or footwear, you’ll know that the cleaning and maintenance of your facilities is an essential part of your company. In the wake of the recent pandemic, it is now crucial that not only are your buildings cleaned and conform to all the appropriate hygiene regulations but that your staff have access to hand cleaners and sanitisers. Making sure your cleaning team has all the equipment and supplies they need to complete their tasks effectively and efficiently is a high priority; by purchasing good quality industrial cleaning supplies, you are enabling them to succeed. Well defined and expertly conducted cleaning procedures should form a cornerstone of your health and safety doctrine.

The Main Types of Industrial Cleaners

Cutting corners when buying your cleaning suppliers doesn’t make sense; normal household products aren’t up to the job when ingrained dirt, grease or engine oil is the problem. Scientific research has now developed solvent-free, eco-friendly cleaners that are kinder to the environment and fully biodegradable; they use natural oils to break down difficult substances and leave surfaces clean and ready for use. Industrial cleaners fall into three specific categories which are –

  • Floor and surface cleaners and degreasers.
  • Hand washes and sanitisers.
  • Specialised products such as industrial drain cleaners and paint strippers.

Let’s look at the type of products you should look to supply your cleaning team with and enable them to complete their cleaning procedures efficiently.

Cleaning The Floors

Perfect for shipyards or shopping centres, modern, versatile industrial floors cleaners are what you are looking for; whether your staff are cleaning manually or using an automatic floor scrubber, a high-quality product is required. Industrial floors cleaners have a fast-acting, water-based formula that gives a rapid cleaning action while also containing water softening agents. An example of this is the excellent Aximax cleaner from Apt Commercial; this product has all the above qualities and is perfectly at home cleaning workshops or plant machinery; it’s a fantastic all-rounder.

The Importance of Hand Hygiene

The regular cleaning and sanitising of hands is now part of our post-pandemic way of life and making sure your staff have access to hand cleaners is an essential part of your planning. Different working situations demand hand cleaning solutions, and there are four main types of industrial hand cleaning products that can help with these problems; they are –

  • Antibacterial germ-free hand washes give an effective biocidal action.
  • Heavy-duty hand cleaners are suited for removing oil, dyes, and grease.
  • Dual-action grit wipes are a solution when running water is not available.
  • Barrier creams are used when staff are in contact with harmful solvents.

When combined with wall-mounted dispensers, all of these products offer an effective solution to maintain a high standard of hand hygiene.

Specific Tools for Difficult Jobs

Nobody in business today wants those nasty, difficult problems that occasionally occur; blocked drains and graffiti on your building are just two of these issues that your cleaning and maintenance teams may need to deal with. By purchasing high-grade industrial drain cleaners or paint removers, you give your staff the advantage when tackling these problems.

Instructing your purchasing team to buy the best available industrial cleaning products gives your cleaning team the best chance to complete their important tasks effectively; doing this gives your business a firm base to thrive and succeed.