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An effective web app: what would it contain?

In this digital world, it is not enough to have a static website alone for your business. If you have plans of scaling up, you should start with the creation of a web app by hiring a web app development agency in Singapore. While doing so, you should never forget to ask the company to offer all the essential elements to make the app an effective one for the users. Some features to ask for are as follows.

Mobile interface

Your primary goal should be the development of separate interfaces for mobile users and desktop users. As there is a huge difference between the two, two interfaces are mandatory. Else, you should be ready to lose customers.

Social integration

Your web app should let people connect their social profiles while logging in and also have an option to share files to their social profiles.


You should keep in mind that analytics will help you know about the performance of the web app. Hence, you should never forget to integrate an analytics tool with your web app.

Live chat

It can help your customers communicate with you effectively and get spontaneous replies to their queries and doubts.